Infusion Tallinn – Tribal fusion bellydance Festival presents: Illan (FR) and Lamia (IT). A weekend with workshops, shows and more!

Friday 20.03

workshop will be held in FreeFlow Studio, Teatri väljak 3, 5th floor, Tallinn

Illan “Masculine/Feminine” (NB!! Additional workshop not included in workshop pass!!)

2 words opposed that however make perfect sense.
Dance, a feminine activity for some people, can find a balance with our inner energies.
How can our body quality change according to the sense we give it, either masculine or feminine?

Price: 32EUR

20.00 Opening Party

Saturday 21.03

All workshops will be held in MyFitness Solaris, Estonia pst 9, Tallinn

SOLD OUT! Lamia – Shaping the Body: Conditioning for Bellydancers (2h)
Level: All levels with bellydance basics

Lamia’s favourite sweating routine! An hard work session designed to release tensions in the body and improve strength, balance, endurance, flexibility and elegance. We’ll alternate sequences of stretching with core strengthening in preparation for movement, ending with a shimmy drill for stamina. Combining her yoga and dance experience, Lamia has designed these exercises to show fast results with practice. Explore your muscle’s work with more awareness and prepare yourself to sweat!

SOLD OUT! Illan – Let’s Dance! Choreography. (2h)
Level: all

Discover a dynamic and very energetic choreography, where happiness and sharing resound altogether. (2h)

Delicious vegan lunch with salad and a slice of cake. 6EUR

SOLD OUT! Lamia – Shimmies, Vibrations, Flutters & co. (2h)
Level: Intermediate level

How many vibrations or “shimmies” can we produce with our body? Learn detailed technique for bellydance shimmies, 3/4s, body vibrations and Lamia’s exercises designed for flutters. Find more unexpected shimmies and variations with a funny and challenging drum solo choreography creating a metamorphosis between body and drumming!

Infusion Tallinn Show 10/15EUR

Sunday 22.03

All workshops will be held in MyFitness Solaris, Estonia pst 9, Tallinn

SOLD OUT! Illan – Self control. Paths and Space. (2h)

After the seek of the new movement, we must be conscious of its shape, its path in space, the intention we can give to it… We must be in control to use it better. Your dance will take shape in another dimension.

SOLD OUT!! Lamia – Indian Infused Bellydance: Original Choreography from Classical to Modern. „Fanfare du Rajasthann“ (2h)
Level: Intermediate

Taking inspiration from her Classical Indian Dance studies, Lamia has created a series of choreographies that blend Indian dance and Bellydance into a modern music. Basic movement exercises, feet patterns and strenghtening drills are included.

16.00 Group dinner @ Manna La Roosa 16EUR